Sunday, January 09, 2022

Spoke too soon, I say 9 years later. Obama was great. Then came the nightmare years. Now I can only hope we will not be subjected to nightmare, the sequel. But there seem to be an astonoshing number of people who want to overthrow everything. I hope they have learned nothing from previous revolutions ... I though Bush the Younger was bad ...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fresh Start

I'm feeling really really good after the recent election, and I have some new projects underway after a couple of years of nothing going on. So I thought I'd give myself a fresh start here.

Thanks to an article my brother-in-law passed on from their local paper, I found a nifty site Spoonflower where one can create one's own fabric designs and have them printed for you on any of several kinds of fabric. I have received samples of all the fabrics, each printed with one of my own designs, and I love it!

I love it so much that I have set up my own spoonflower shop with "whimsikate" as my designer name.

The problem is deciding among the almost infinite possibilities which ones to use!

My second project is my own zazzle shop, where I am "fappgallery".

Years ago, an online friend suggested I check out Zazzle when, seems to me, they only produced high quality art prints on fine papers. That part of the business seems to have disappeared, replaced by a more eclectic set of offerings. I'm kinda sorry now that I never tried their art printing service as a way of making reproductions of my nontraditional watercolors, but that's the way it goes.

I was reintroduced to them by way of some Golden Retriever puppies being raised to be service dogs at the Warrior Canine Connection. The puppies grew up on one of's livecams. So many people were so enthusiastic about those puppies that someone set up a zazzle shop for them, the profits from which go to help support WCC.

Seeing all those fun projects, I jumped in with both feet. And again, the possibilities are boggling!

I am currently following another set of puppies on Explore, Great Danes puppies being raised by the Service Dog Project to be service dogs for people with mobility problems.

Someone should set up a zazzle shop for them! Maybe someone will ...